Plot You can always start over
Year Publication: 2009

On the same night two murders occur between Genoa and Rome. The link is not easy to find but both victims had contact with representatives of a large Italian Oil Company. The negative return image affects a large commercial agreement between Italy and the new republic of Kazakhstan for the exploitation of Caspian Sea oilfield giant. Panta, at the request of Prime Minister Massimo Dalla, with his men to investigate this case to uncover the international intrigue that with the murder of a blast of color and a former mining engineer by blocking a committed nine zeros. The largest village, after inquiries risky tightrope, he discovers the truth, in the clash between the interests of state and national safety reserves the worse for the individual. His morality and that of his men can not tolerate the inevitable conclusion that sees the innocent pay for crimes that he did not commit. Start a race against the complex international legal mechanisms to save the ordinary man, in which we all recognize, from an unjust sentence of convenience.
The romance participates in the "Tedeschi Prize 2009"