Plot Jolly Roger
Year Publication: 2006

The Honorable James de Molentis is found one morning dead in his car off the road and ended against a plant of locust Park Lambro. The same morning a charge of dynamite blows up a subway car on the embankment between the stops of Cascina Hump and Crescenzago, fortunately without causing casualties. What connection can 'there be between a bomb attack failed and the apparently natural death of an honorable, known for his bill? Certainly nothing in the trunk of the Mercedes De Molentis had not been found with a black cloth above two crossed thigh bones and a skull. 
Colonel Bartoli, who was entrusted with the investigation by Milan prosecutors into the murder, is encouraged by Panta to resume them in the direction indicated by the historical meanings contained in the flag of the pirates. But the lack of evidence keep him from 'the continuing police investigations, so the majority decides to continue following the indications that the eerie composition, the Jolly Roger, suggesting his brilliant investigative mind. And passing a dangerous ambush, tesogli thanks all'inconsapevole collaboration of Sophy, the black woman who has begun to love, Panta arrives on the trail of an enigmatic character, a possible link between the terrorist cell and the assassins of the senator. But the record reveals an early screening and Pantano takes a corner. The mysterious character, Arabic, and 'actually' a valuable interpreter used by Milan prosecutors in several drug investigations. Strong powers, taking advantage of the error, put pressure on the President of the Council for 'Major relinquish command office B1, an important house covered Milanese Information Service. Leader maximo , the name wich Borghi called Massimo Dalleva from childhood, decided to send him into exile in Barcelona indefinitely.

Panta will be released 'state of despair and pessimism that, and' fell, thanks to the request for help from Colonel Bartoli, who can not explain the strange tattoo depicting a rose, which is found on the arm of a terrorist arrested in an apartment in central in Milan, with both TNT look like a Santabarbara. Panta intimately linked the threads of his investigation and discovers what really lies behind the facade of good character of Arabia. Thanks to the technical tools that came to office B1 and sagacity investigation of his men, Major Borghi will put in a light texture corruption and money that has but one purpose: to maintain power in the hands of the usual few who use the flag of religion to cover their economic interests billionaires. As compensation for the resolution of the case, Panta ask 'to the central management of the service relocation and choose' Genova to continue his ministerial office.