Plot Scalpels & Money
Year Publication: 2007

Mrs. Boccioni, friend of the mother of Colonel Bartoli been recently widowed, receives threatening phone calls, which prompts the second installment of a payment owed by the deceased husband, who died of post-operative graft rejection in kidney. Bartoli's childhood friend asks advice, Major Luigi Borghi, who runs an office in Milan covered information services. A degree of friendship Major, code-named Panta, commence an investigation following the bag of money that Mrs. Boccioni delivery, as agreed, to the unknown blackmailers in a park in downtown Milan. Following the small track Panta discovers that the bag with money and 'was taken by Mrs. Parenti, head nurse at the hospital. Nurse from home in the luxurious standard of living, meet people linked to the clan of Santonastaso, primary mob family tries to recycle and clean up its shady activities' in Milan, and consultants related to information services. The mob enters the stately building in Piazza Duse 4 with bags full of money 24 hours and leave empty-handed. The men of the Service do exactly the opposite. Following one of them Panta discovers that not everything 'as it seems. The investigations conducted with the assistance of investigators led by Nucleus Operating Bartoli, complement the investigations of Pantano and his men, uncovering a link between loans to wear and trade in organs, which are also involved some luminaries of surgery in Milan. Panta, after a nocturnal visit to his friend the Prime Minister in his villa at Tivoli, he finds the root causes that move this hybrid mechanism, often beyond the 'legality' of which he saw only the most 'superficial. The upcoming political campaign for national elections in need of money and the mafia families in need of money laundering activities' lawful. Everything seems to take place justified by the complexity 'of raison d'etat. But the agreements between the parties are not respected and Panta compete 'with its investigation to realize, despite himself, a plan which all, investigators, politicians, surgeons and criminals, had ignored their existence.